Supplier Email Templates

Having confidence in your emails to suppliers is one way to know whether a factory could be a good fit for you and your brand. If you’ve ever been ‘ghosted’ by a supplier or if you’ve been too nervous to write that first email, start off your communication with new partners strong by using our email templates.

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Do you worry about asking the wrong things in an email to a supplier?

Do you think you aren’t sounding professional enough – can they tell you’re a start-up?!

Do you know what you should be providing, and what you should be asking from potential production partners?

Step in our Supplier Email Templates!

Two template emails are included, with clear sections to input your own requirements.

Email 1 = New Product Inquiry
Email 2 = Additional Requests Inquiry; for once you’ve chosen your factory

The templates come as editable Word Documents that can be reused over and over for each new product / season.

We have also included two additional example emails with real life emails. These are in simple PDF form.

Who’s it for:
New brands wanting to reach out to potential partners with confidence
Established brands wanting to ‘level-up’ their supply chain management

At just £15 - it's a gem of a resource to give you an invaluable confidence boost.
Get in touch to grab your copy.

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