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Sampling & Development

Our sampling & development service has been created to:

Develop your ideas into commercial designs

Guide you on best materials & construction methods

Test out your ideas before finalising designs

Provide fully developed Patterns, Samples & Tech Packs ready for CMT or large scale production

Why Get Stuff Made

We work slightly differently to other sampling studios in that we aim to support you and perfect ideas as we go through development. We encourage you to work closely with us and ask questions as they come up. We are open to testing different constructions and often create in-house 'mock-ups' to test constructions and details as we go. Essentially, when we're working on your project, you've got the full Get Stuff Made team developing it for you!

Our Process
Step 1

1. Get all your design ideas onto paper. Please use our Design Brief template and send over one file for each style you want to develop. Include as much detail as possible, get in touch if you need any help filling these in. These files are available for download on our website below.

2. On receipt of Design Briefs, we can provide an accurate quote and details. Our full development package includes:

Design brief template + support

Kick off design meeting if required, virtually or in person in our studio

Support in our Mentoring group for duration of project

Access to our Supplier Databases for duration of project

2 rounds of sampling & fit sessions as below:

1st sampling round

- Pattern
- In-house toile if needed
- Mock-ups (mini samples) of construction elements if needed
- Sample
- QC + fit session (virtual or in our studio)

2nd sampling round

- Pattern tweak
- Sample
- QC + fit session (virtual or in our studio)

To continue reading, please download the full guide below:
Get in touch for a quote - we'd love to hear more about your project!

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