Mentoring: Get expert help from a fashion start-up consultant

Want to be more hands on with your development but need some additional support?

Mentoring may be the answer. Support, guidance & accountability are all things that can make or break a start-up business. Through our Group Mentoring programme, we aim to offer these things plus so much more!

Mentoring for Startup Brands
The aim of Group Mentoring is to provide honest, clear answers to your questions whilst supporting & motivating you to keep moving.

No question is too big or small, we want you to understand and grow in confidence while you work through the process.

Previous topics that have come up include:

• Understanding (and decrypting!) emails from manufacturers
• Guidance on communicating with suppliers (what to ask, when to ask it and how to phrase things)
• Costings, MOQ and unit price guidance
• Fabric & trim suitability and suggestions on where to go for these where possible
Plus loads more!

Each month you get:
• Unlimited support in a Slack Group with the Get Stuff Made team and other members of the Mentoring programme.
• Access to our Supplier Databases. These are constantly being updated and cover a wide range of suppliers for various products and locations.

Group Mentoring renews every month on the date of initial sign up. You can cancel your subscription at any point by getting in touch with the Get Stuff Made team.

From £45/month for all of the above, get in touch to join today!

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