The Ultimate Materials Guide for clothing startups.

Level-up your knowledge on materials and choose the perfect option for your designs using our Materials Guide for start-ups. It can be a real challenge understanding and choosing the best fabric for your designs as a new brand.
• Should I use recycled fabric?
• Which natural fibres are best to use?
• How will it perform?
• How many metres do I have to commit to?
• How do I get my own colours & artwork on the fabric?

Simplify the process by using our Materials Guide.

Included in the Guide is:
• Knit vs Woven
• Types of Knit
• Fully Fashioned vs Cut & Sew knitting
• Types of Woven
• Fabric Compositions, synthetic & natural
• Sustainable alternatives
• Fabric finishes
• Printing fabric
• Dyeing fabric
• Testing materials for performance & washing

Sustainable fabrics for clothing

The Guide comes as a PDF with interactive links that can be referenced over and over for each new product / season. At £25 - its an invaluable resource! Get in touch to grab your copy.

Who’s it for:

New brands with no experience in sourcing or working with fabrics
Established brands that want to level-up their technical materials knowledge

Sustainable fabrics for clothing
Templates for clothing startups

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