The only online programme exclusively designed for clothing & accessory start ups.

Learn how to start a clothing brand - get supplier recommendations and grow in confidence!

Are you lacking in confidence and feel like the whole process is overwhelming & confusing?
Maybe you’ve reached out to manufacture partners but have only had ‘luke warm’ replies, or their responses have just triggered more questions.

Do you want to learn how the process should work, what this could cost you, and take back control of your development journey?

With Demi as your expert guide, understand the full process of designing & developing a product for commercial manufacture.

This programme has been created specifically for new brands wanting to build and launch physical items that come under the category of clothing, accessories or textile products: if it can be sewn together, this course is for you!

How to start a clothing brand
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What does the programme include?

6 weeks of teaching & support from Demi

Supplier lists including: garment manufacturers, sampling rooms, fabric mills, trim suppliers, print designers

Industry standard templates: covering all aspects of development. Plus guidance on how to fill these in and use with suppliers so you can use them time and time again

Training videos on a new topic each week. These videos will talk you through the tasks for that week, including a comprehensive breakdown of each step to ensure you fully understand the process and what your options are at that stage

Workbooks & Guides, including links, tips and notes. Download and keep for reference - these will become your master guides for product development!

7x 1-2-1 coaching calls privately with Demi. Each week book in for a 30 minute coaching call with Demi to go over your work for the week and help talk through any barriers that may have come up. After the final week, you have 1x additional call available for use within 1 month of graduation, meaning you have some time to crack on before checking in for the final time .

Whatsapp Support Group: you’ll be able to ask questions within the chat and support each other throughout the journey. The chat will be left open long after the course finishes so you have a support group right up to and beyond your launch – that and we'll want to hear updates and share in your successes!

Unlimited email support from Demi throughout the 6 weeks, if you want to ask questions directly to Demi throughout the course, she’ll be just an email away

PLUS all Early Bird Content 

Training videos, examples and templates to create:

  • A Pinterest Board with ALL your ideas
  • A 'narrowed down' Mood Board
  • Colour Boards
  • An official Brand Board
  • A Range Plan
  • Effective & Professional Design Briefs for each and every style you plan on launching!

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    Which service might you be interested in?
    What will I learn over the 6 weeks?
    Clothing Design

    We kick off Week 1 by jumping into Adobe Illustrator. We will teach you how to turn your ideas into professional Design CADs. Then we move onto Design Packs so you can build and clarify your details accurately over the next 6 weeks.

    Materials and trims

    Deciding the types of fabrics & trims you want to use on your designs before approaching suppliers helps speed the process along! We will discuss sustainable options available, as well as how to successfully source & develop your own branded items. Supplier lists for materials & trims will also be provided so you can start requesting samples!

    tech packs for fashion

    In Week 2 we will start to build our Tech Packs. The aim is to have them finished & ready to send out to suppliers by the end of the course. We go into detail on how to use a Tech Pack, plus how to choose the best sizing for your product.

    Clothing manufacturer for startups

    The week you’ve all been waiting for! We go through crucial things to consider before approaching suppliers, as well as information on ethical & social issues. We go into detail on what questions to ask, what you need to know beforehand, and what to expect from suppliers when you do get in touch. Manufacture lists will be provided this week along with recommendation on partners that could be best for you and your brand!

    Business and budget

    Week 3 puts the focus on your brand, ensuring you understand your business structure, confirming details such as name, social media handles & domain. This is also the week we get thrown head-first into Excel in a lesson on budgeting.

    Moving Forward

    Based on the last 5 weeks, once all homework is complete, you should be in an amazing position to request your first samples from suppliers. But what do you do after that? We will break down the next steps including reviewing samples, testing, quality control and shipping. We also finish off our Tech Packs with the final instalment.

    The Timings

    From 2022, The Do It Right programme will be available all year round - meaning it's ready when you are instead of having to wait for a certain intake.

    The programme runs for 6 consecutive weeks.

    All videos and workbooks will be released upfront, with 1-2-1 coaching calls happening weekly.

    We ask that to make the most of this programme and really get your development journey off to the best start, you commit and make time for these calls and the homework each week.

    The Investment

    The Do It Right programme is £1200 (approx AUD 2145) and requires a deposit of £400 (approx AUD 715) . You can choose to pay the full amount upfront, or follow our payment plan as below:
    - Pay a deposit of £400 (approx AUD 715)
    - Followed by 2 instalments of £400 (approx AUD 715) over 2 months.

    Please note all payments including deposits are non-refundable.
    If you’d like to discuss payment plan options in more detail please get in touch with the Get Stuff Made team.

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    How do I apply?

    Spaces are limited on this programme to ensure everyone who joins receives the time and support they deserve.

    If you are serious about building your own brand and all the product based development that comes with it, please apply using the form here. You will be able to schedule a call with Demi to go over all details and ask any follow up questions you may have before committing.

    We also want to ensure you are as excited as we are about the upcoming journey of creating your products - it really is an exciting process, made even better with less stress and more support! We appreciate this is an investment in you and your business, so it’s really important to us that you fully benefit from the programme and understand exactly what you’ll receive.

    I can’t wait to get started - it’s an amazing & rewarding journey, one we would be honoured to guide you along!

      Where did you hear about us?
      Which service might you be interested in?
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