The best kept secret in the fashion industry

Get Stuff Made has supported hundreds of people with their design, development and manufacture journeys. Over the years, we’ve found there's one thing that can make or break a new brand.

The big secret: Plan, research and think about every single design detail before you start ordering samples. Now this may seem obvious, but without experience in the industry or specific training, it's easy not to know what you don't know.

How? On this course, we teach you how to effectively plan & research your brand, your launch plan & designs. With our industry standard templates we show you how to create brand boards & design briefs that can be reused time and again as your brand grows.

Why? Once you start ordering Tech Packs and samples, you want to be clear in your requests to avoid wasting time and money. We cover these first crucial steps in detail over 6 modules to make sure you're set up for success moving forward.

What does the course include?

6 modules: Brand Story, Brand Board, Range Planning, Design Research, Competitive Shopping, Design Briefs

Video training for each module

Workbooks & Templates to keep and reuse as your brand grows

Lifetime access to all content


1 months access to the Get Stuff Made mentoring group for ongoing support & a video call with the team

£295; available for instant download.
The Modules

The first two modules focus on creating your brand story, making decisions that heavily impact your products and launch plan.

We will create Brand Boards, Colour Boards, Brand Mission & Key Words. Having confidence in your business and what it stands for will make all design & manufacture decisions much easier later on in the journey.

It's easy to forget you have to budget for development and production costs for each style you want to launch. Creating a professional range plan based on various factors ensures you are spend money on the right products at the right time.

It's time to start thinking about your garment or accessory designs! We talk about the best ways to complete effective research, and then how to move forward with what you've found.

Without a fashion degree or experience in the industry, we talk through the best ways to understand the materials, trims and finishes you have in mind.

Using our Get Stuff Made template, the aim of this final module is to build detailed Design Briefs for each of your launch styles. Feel confident requesting Tech Packs or samples knowing you can provide details on everything, from fit, materials, trims, colours & packaging. You've got this!

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    I had literally no idea what I was doing and no fashion/clothing experience at all but Demi is incredible and has been so helpful in giving clear simple steps in simple and digestible ways to get everything going.
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    The detail, time and energy Demi puts into this course and her students is second to none.
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    I wouldn’t have gotten there without the help of Get Stuff Made. If you have anything you need doing with fabric manufacturing, Demi is your gal! So knowledgeable, patient and supportive.
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    Demi is an absolute pleasure to work with. She supported me through the early stages of my business when I had no idea how to navigate the system. Her communication is clear and concise. Her support went well and truly beyond expectation.
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    Demi’s knowledge is second to none & she has helped me immensely in working towards having my product made. Demi is a delight to work with, always having an answer to my questions & I would have no problem recommending her highly.
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