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Part 3 of this months theme is incoming!

Finding a manufacture partner is one of the hardest parts of the development journey. You may want to spend weeks, sometimes months reaching out to lots of manufacturers to see firstly who responds, and then what services and prices they can offer to you. But what if you want to work with an ethical and sustainable supplier?

Here are my top tips for choosing a supplier & a checklist of things you might want to ask about.

As always - any questions let me know!

Demi x

How to choose an ethical supplier, your checklist:

✨ Do they have any audits available?
✨ How many staff do they employ?
✨ Is a living wage paid?
✨ Is overtime paid?
✨ What facilities do they have & do they outsource any processes?
✨ Do they have any social & ethical business practises they can share? For example, union groups, lunchtime exercises, social canteen, maternity pay?

For more information on this topic I strongly recommend you check out the Ethical Trade Initiate (ETI). They have lots of information available if you want to learn more and navigate what can be an overwhelming topic.

How to choose a sustainable supplier, your checklist:

Do they have any internal sustainable practices in place such as:
✨ Energy Efficiency
✨ Water Efficiency
✨ Chemical Management
✨ Pollution Reduction
✨ Recycling & Waste
✨ Organic & Environmentally Friendly Materials
✨ Sustainable Business Model
✨ Fair Trade
✨ Decent Working Conditions
✨ Ethical Sourcing & Supply Chain Management
✨ Supporting Traditional Skills

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